Constantine “A Feast of Friends”


Is it just me, or is Constantine getting better by the episode?


This week we got a first look at another member of the Newcastle Crew. Gary visits John because he has a little bit of an issue. During a run-in with the cops, a container holding a demon in the shape of cockroaches (Yuck!) in broken and the roaches are set free. These aren’t your normal everyday roaches. The fly into a humans body and essentially makes them insatiable eating machines. They eat until they die and then the demon finds a new host. I have to say, this was pretty BAD ASS!

This episode wasn’t only about the demon. We learned more about John and a lot about Gary. During the night they lost Astra, Gary was high. He blames himself for losing Astra but John eases his pain just a little bit by letting him know that him being high was no secret. They all knew and there is enough blame to go around. After all is said and done and there are plenty of choice words exchanged, Gary decides the only way to deal with this roach demon is by offering his body as a host and have John carve runes into his face while chanting a little incantation. This time it works! I guess John has a hold of his magic a little better than that witch doctor in Africa. Zed was not too happy with this solution. John explained that there was no other way. He wished there was but that wasn’t the case. He did warn her that everyone around him dies. So, Zed just has to deal with it.

What made this episode so good?

It had the perfect balance of human relationships and scary ass demons! You felt for John, Gary and Zed. They all had valid points and at the end of the day they all had to do what they had to do. The first two episodes of Constantine were a little slower but I attributed that to the need to build characters up. Now that we are starting to understand these characters they can focus on the demons at hand. And let me say, these demons are so cool! For me, seeing Gary go was a little bitter sweet. I was sad that he died because he had the possibility of evolving into a really cool character but I was happy that they let him go to prove a point. When all is said in done, this has been my favorite episode to date and I hope they stay on track with this perfect balance of human relationships and demon fighting shenanigans.*

Hopefully people are tuning in more because it doesn’t seem like the ratings are doing too well. It would be a shame to see such a good show get canceled.

Constantine airs Fridays at 10pm EST on NBC.

*Note: We have seen next weeks episode and it is awesome too!

Constantine “A Feast of Friends”
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